Taught by
Damon Stuart

One payment of
or 2 x $75 / month

Exploring the depths and purpose of worship beyond just the songs we sing.


Lesson 1

Wed Oct 17 at 12 pm EST
This is my story, this is my song! For this introductory session, we will spend some time worshiping together and you will hear Damon’s story of how God radically changed his life and set him on a course to be worship leader and presence seeker. There will also be a short overview for the upcoming sessions to follow lesson one.

Lesson 2

Wed Oct 24 at 12 pm Eastern
What is worship and what are some ways we worship God today? We will discuss some of the biblical aspects about worship, including the different expressions of worship and even perspectives on worship from other leaders.

Lesson 3

Wed Oct 31 at 12 pm Eastern 
Understanding worship in Spirit and in Truth!
In this session we will dive into John chapter 4 where Jesus talks with the woman at the well. We will look at how worship leads into one of the fivefold ministries from this chapter and even discuss mistakes people make regarding worship.

Lesson 4

Wed Nov 7 at 12 pm Eastern
The heart of worship: Intimacy, humility, obedience and purity! We will be examining each one of these from a biblical viewpoint but also how the Holy Spirit is necessary for us to walk and minister in these areas as well.

Lesson 5

Wed Nov 14 at 12 pm Eastern
Acts of worship: prayer, fasting, giving and the word of God!
Damon will be looking at each one of these from bible but also sharing the lessons he has learned over the years regarding worship beyond just singing songs. Practical steps about fasting and even how serving is important in becoming a true worshiper. 

Lesson 6

Wed Nov 28 at 12 pm Eastern
The ministry of worship: priestly, prophetic and healing! In this session we will discuss how priestly worship in the Old Testament is still a spiritual model for us even now. We will look at how prophetic worship is vital for today and its biblical roots that was set up by God and how true worship sets the atmosphere for His healing presence to be released.

One payment of 
or 2 x $75 / month

 What if I can't join live? 

After each lesson, the audio will be posted to the member site within 24 hours. The video replay will be posted generally 48-72 hours after the lesson ends. All of that will be accessible here on the member site.