Courses by Damon Stuart

Damon Stuart brings 20 years of worship leading 

For the past 20 years, Damon Stuart has been using the gifts the Lord placed on his life to lead people into His presence. This course focuses on exploring the depths and purpose of worship beyond just the songs we sing. In this first course, Damon takes you through six lessons designed to help you grow as a worshiper.  ... more

Courses by Dr. Theresa Phillips

Many people have requested this  course

If you have been considering whether or not God is calling you into ministry, this class will be very helpful to you. Over many years, Dr. Theresa Phillips has gathered experience that you can glean from. She has ordained over 200 people. The life of a minister who is called is a joyous one ... more

This is Dr. Theresa Phillips' Signature Message

If you desire to understand more about the Kingdom of God and how truly knowing our identity helps us connect intimately with our Creator God in Heaven, then you will gain much from this course. Dr. Phillips has spent decades developing this content through her personal relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. ... more

This Message is Foundational

As a society, we have largely done away with formalities in many cases such as: how we dress, how we speak with those in authority, and using titles to name a few. Our purpose seemed noble and  although the intentions were good, we are seeing results we would not have chosen. What have we missed? Why is it important? ... more