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  • Personality Differences

    Would improving your team’s and client’s ability to understand differing personalities enhance their ability to communicate?

  • Communication Skills

    Would your team’s improved communication skills increase overall productivity?

  • Organizational Benefits

    Could your organization become a more profitable and fulfilling workplace if people were able to work together without lots of misunderstandings, disagreements and strife?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, the DISC Certification Course is for YOU!

  • What is DISC Certification?

    Utilizing decades of industry experience and expertise, DISC Certification goes beyond the norm to develop new insights, drive results and help grow your coaching business, team results and bottom-line performance!

  • Why Attend?

    To increase your earnings. DISC personality profiling and industry leading technology will deliver an unmatched level of insight into human behavior. This insight will gain you additional clients, results and profits.

Limited Seats Available

Who Should Attend?

Human Resource Professionals
Non-profit Organization Executive Directors
Church Leaders
Corporate and Business Leaders/Managers/Supervisors
Guidance Counselors

What Does Certification Include?

Online training materials
Electronic testing and reports for your clients
Wholesale pricing for all DISC tests (corporate, church, non-profit and youth available)
Online support, as needed
Personal DISC testing and examination
Participants must complete a test at the end of the session to certify

When/Where will the Certification Course be Held?

When: Friday, Nov 1st, Friday, Nov 8th, Friday, Nov 15th
Where: LIVE Webcast
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Remember, even if you can't attend a LIVE session, once you register, you automatically get the LIVE replays including the Q&A session.

What is the Fee?

$1095.00 - Full Standard Fee
$895.00 - Early Registration | Full payment due on or before Oct 28th
Enter Code PAYMENT50 and you can pay 50% and be billed for the remaining fee

Dr. Sandra Steen, CPC
Author, Inspirational Speaker, Business Consultant, Certified Professional Coach and Master-Certified DISC Instructor

Dr. Steen has traveled internationally with a Fortune 500 corporate audience that has ranged from SONY, Proctor & Gamble, SBC, AT&T, Royal Caribbean, Sea World, JC Penney and Wal-Mart. Working with varied audiences that have included entrepreneurs, college students, stay-at-home moms, and dreamers of all kinds. Dr. Steen has spoken to over 500,000 people declaring a message of defined purpose, joyous living and measurable results. For more information go to

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