Global Prophetic Live
Tuesdays at 12 pm Eastern

Dr. Theresa Phillips and her guests discuss timely topics in the realm of the prophetic. Join the LIVE audience and bring your questions or watch the replay here.

Guests have included: Charles Shamp, Lana Vawser, Barbie Breathitt, Cal Pierce, Julie Ann Smith, Dr. James Goll, Kathie Walters, Jennifer Eivaz, Patti Compton Finney, Jo Ellen Stevens, Ivan Roman, Dr. Cheryl Ann Needham, Edie Bayer, Lynne Lee, Nancy Slocum, Dr. Marina McLean, Diane Nutt, John Mark Pool, Tom Scarella, Steve Schultz, Sandi Freed, Damon Stuart, and Robert Phillips.

Available Courses

Honor: A Blueprint to Kingdom Conduct

Designed and written initially for those who are preparing to enter the ministry, this course is unique in the preparation for one to mingle with people in the upper levels of society, especially with those in leadership of the church, in business, and in government. Protocol is almost a lost understanding in our society today … unless you happen to be in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen.

$297 for 8 sessions / 3 different payment options

Your Heavenly Identity: Priest & King

Adapted from Monarchy of Heaven

Your heavenly identity is revealed once we understand how heaven’s monarchy governs the earth.
This course and Dr. Phillips materials will help you identify and understand the royal priesthood of Aaron, Zadok, Melchizedek and Christ. As priests, we are chosen people to represent heaven in the earth. The Body of Christ furthers the expansion of the kingdom when we take our position and understand our role, Enthroned as a King, Jesus wants us to activate His revelation to demonstrate The Monarchy of Heaven.

$197 for 12 Sessions / 2 payment options


Dr. Theresa Phillips is the host of Global Prophetic Voice Live, which will be available here weekly. As an ordained minister, speaker, author and educator, she teaches Kingdom Principles, releasing many into positions of leadership in the seven cultural spheres of influence. 

Dr. Phillips is releasing a new movement, Destiny Arising, of which she is CEO. You’ll be hearing more about Destiny Arising in the future.

Dr. Phillips is an international speaker, author, educator, recording artist, and business owner. She is the developer of Glory Oils and Redeem and Renew Skin Solutions. In her 27 years of ministry, she has authored 22 books and released a number of short articles and prophetic words. 

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