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If you have been considering whether or not God is calling you into ministry, this class will be very helpful to you. Over many years Dr. Theresa Phillips has gathered experience from which you can glean. She has ordained over 250 ministers around the world. She has been ordained 5 times.

Independent Assemblies of God International (She is a Regional Director.)

Glory Temple

Renny McLean Ministries

Praise Christian Seminary

Church Growth International America (CGIA)

The life of a minister who is called is a joyous one, though not without its challenges. Dr. Phillips knows what is essential for your success and she is committed to sharing that with you so that you can make an empowered choice.

Keep reading to learn what will be covered in the eight weeks of this insightful course.

Week 1

This first week, Dr. Phillips covers Basic Questions such as: How to identify the calling? Am I called to one of the five-fold offices? To what type of ministry is God calling me?

Week 2

In week two, the teaching will center around Next Steps such as where to start. Biblical examples of people who were called by God: Jeremiah, Paul, James & John, and the Elect Lady. How do I differentiate a passion from a calling? What does the heart of the servant look like?

Week 3

Week three moves into Personal Preparation. Is schooling necessary or will a mentor suffice? When I think about discipline, what is important to focus on? How am I exhibiting my faith and is it practical, will it impact others? What am I doing to develop my own faith day by day?

Week 4

As we enter week four, we'll discuss Ministry to Different Denominations and Cultures. Topics include: Understanding other cultures, the language barrier, the protocols of others, and does it include family?

Week 5

This week brings the subjects of Remaining Accountable and Responsibility to the forefront. To whom am I accountable - God, family, church, or the calling? What responsibility has been laid on my shoulders with the calling? What about authority?

Week 6

After all this, what good are Credentials and Titles? The world has changed so much that many people don't seem to give a second thought to titles and credentials. Why should I consider them? Are they important in the realm of the Kingdom?

Week 7

How can I prepare for Stepping Into a New Role Using the Gifts of the Spirit? How do the gifts of the Spirit help to serve others? Which gifts are needed? How many gifts of the Spirit are there?

Week 8

Going Into All the World to Preach the Gospel - Where do I start? How do I take my place in the church? And ever important, what about evangelism?

Bonus Teaching

As the course concludes, Dr. Phillips desires to share some additional teaching with you. She desires to impart to you the grace which she has been given. Especially for our graduates who are receiving credit for this course, there is a ceremony to complete your study.

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